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 » Home Builder Software - FREE Home Building Project Management Software
With BuildScope - Everyone stays Connected.  BuildScope's home builder software offers a web-based home building software solution - Home Builders and Realtors are able to manage key areas of their day-to-day operations and benefit from BuildScope’s extensive project management capabilities. 

Stay "In the Loop" - With BuildScope's web-based home builder software

Manage  homes Home builder project management software
buyer payments
change orders
service request
and more.
Manage Prospects and Homes

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BuildScope's home building and prospect management software gives you a big builder solution but at a small builder's cost. This project management software keeps track of all home building information including all inventory homes, home quotes, milestones, documents, photos, email communications , schedules and stages, options, selections, and buyer payment information.

With BuildScope's home builder software you can manage all your prospects,  home building projects and warranty claims. 

BuildScope's home building  solution is user friendly and easy to navigate and understand.

With BuildScope you have the flexibility to do business from anywhere!   BuildScope's home builder software is accessible 24/7 to any user with a web browser and internet connection.

 » Customer Access and Login
BuildScope's home building software also includes a Buyer's Dashboard - the buyers can login directly from your web site. The dashboard provides a quick view to all the information on their home. 

Your customers can communicate with the builder team, see all their tasks, payment reminders, view their documents including sales contracts, home worksheets, and home colors and selection sheets

With BuildScope your home buyers can also view posted photos of their project or post photos and documents to share with the builder team.

Home builder job site management service

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 » BuildScope's Home Building Software Features Include:
 Sales Back-Office - Prospect Tracking and Management - CRM  Sales Back-Office - Prospect Tracking and Management - CRM             
 Upload Customer Photos and Documents - Manage Sales Contracts  Upload Customer Photos & Documents - Manage Sales Contracts
 Manage Options and Selections and Buyer Change Orders  Manage Options & Selections and Buyer Change Orders
 Job Schedules and Task Calendars - Email Communications  Job Schedules and Task Calendars - Email Communications
 Warranty and Customer Service Management  Warranty and Customer Service Management
 » The Benefits of BuildScope's Home Builder Software:
 Improve Communications with Team Members  Improve Communications with Team Members


 Easy to Use and Implement  Easy to Use and Implement
 Increase Sales through Prospect Follow-up  Increase Sales through Prospect Follow-up
 Higher Customer Satisfaction  Higher Customer Satisfaction


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